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1 TL - 1.000 TL / Piece

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Turkey /Ankara /Yenimahalle
Short description All inputs are isolated from USB line and from each other.

Product description

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UDL 100 Model cihazlar endüstriyel ortamlarda kullanılan çeşitli analog sinyallerin sayısal değerlere dönüştürülerek bilgisayar ortamına taşınmasını sağlayan cihazlardır.Bu cihazlar bilgisayar üzerinden konfigüre edilerek kullanılır.
Bilgisayar üzerinden konfigürasyonu ve cihazdan alınan değerlerin bilgisayar üzerinde kaydedilmesini sağlayan DALİ08 yazılımı cihazla birlikte ücretsiz olarak verilmektedir.
Tüm girişler USB hattından ve birbirinden izoledir.

● Termokupl, mA, mV, Volt Giriş Seçenekleri
● 5 Adet İzoleli Analog Giriş Kanalı
● Kanallar Arası 400 V İzolasyon
● 750 mS Örnekleme Periyodu
● Yüksek Çözünürlük ve Doğruluk
● Dahili Soğuk Uç Kompanzasyonu

● USB 1.1 ve 2.0 Uyumlu PC Bağlantısı
● USB Hat Üzerinden Besleme
● MODBUS RTU İletişim Protokolü
● Giriş / Hat Arası 3 KV İzolasyon
● Kullanışlı ve Taşınabilir Tasarım

● Ücretsiz DaLi 08 İzleme ve Kayıt Programı ile
● Otomatik Cihaz Tanıma
● 255 Adete Kadar Cihaz Desteği
● Sınırsız Kayıt Kapasitesi
● Ayrıntılı Grafik ve Raporlama
● İsteğe Bağlı Grafik Tanımlama ve Oluşturma
● Kolay Kurulum ve Kullanım

About Us

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In spite of all the difficulties of being a manufacturer in our country, our company started its activities in 2004 to manufacture and export all kinds of electronic control devices needed in industrial establishments and all kinds of sensors to be used with these devices.

It aims to grow with its employees and suppliers, to become a leading brand in our country and internationally by integrating with its customers, and to increase profitability and productivity.

It has shown that the quality and reliability can be provided by the domestic producers with the products it produces, it has gained prestige in the sector in which it is located in a very short time and has taken its rightful place.

Thanks to its unlimited solution alternatives and customer-oriented service approach, it has acquired very important customers and established friendships on solid foundations. With each passing day, he adds new ones to these friendships and thus becomes a member of a large family.

It aims to be a model company in R & D studies with its innovation and creativity approach, adding new ones to its product family every day and developing its existing products according to the latest technology.

It does not make any concessions in terms of qualified workforce, corporate structure and compliance with standards, and is on the way to becoming a company with international standards.

As ORDEL, we will be in the happiness of serving you based on the understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Company Info

ORDEL Ortadogu Elektronik Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd.Sti.

Main Office
Uzayçağı Cad. 1252. Sk. No:12 Ostim ANKARA
Yenimahalle / Ankara / 06374
Telephone: (312) 385 70 96
                (0312) 385 70 96
Fax: (312) 385 70 78

Main Office Ankara / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Date of Establishment 2004
Business Type Workshop, Exporter, Importer, Producing by Own Brand, Manufacturer
Brands ordel
Place of Production Ostim, ANKARA