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Turkey /Mersin /Tarsus
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See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Berdan Cıvata is a fully entegrated fasteners manufacturer which has hot & cold forging production facilities, heat treatment facility, coating (HDG, EG, ZF etc.) facilities, R&D center and first and only accredited (according to ISO 17025) certificated test laboratory in fasteners sector in Turkey.

Berdan Cıvata has been serving bolts, nuts, studbolts, anchors, anchor cages, couplings and washers for refineries, petrochemical plants, machinery, construction & steel buildings, pressure vesssl & boiler and valve manufacturers as well as to the wind energy, nuclear power plants and other renewable energy sectors in land and abroad mostly 8.8,10.9 and 12.9 class of high quality products accordance with TSE ASTM, DIN/ISO and BS norms and deliver them to the customers with ISO/EN 10204 3.1 Test Certificates.

Europe’s strongest tensile test machine (capacity:500 tons) and torque friction test machine (capacity: 30.000 N/m) are located in Berdan’s accredited certificated test laboratory. Also, this laboratory renders service to our valuable customers with 22 pcs quality control tests.

The most important thought of Berdan is quality and safety on its products. For this reason, Berdan Civata have received all required certificates in the sector. For example; ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 45001, CE Certificate, TSE Certificates, GOST-R, AD 2000 W0, Ü Certificate etc.

Berdan Civata has 8 patents. One of them is that hydrogen embrittlement risk which was removed from Berdan's products with a special method and this method was patented by Berdan Civata.

The worked sectors;

Berdan Cıvata is a confirmed supplier and global solution partner of worldwide companies from different sectors. The worked sectors are; refineries and petrochemical plants - gas and liquid pipelines - hydroelectric plants and power transmission lines - nuclear plants - suspended bridges and bridge constructions - industrial plants and steel constructions - space frame systems - valves and pressure vessels - airports, hangars and terminal buildings - highways and tunnels - high speed trains and railways - ports and shipyards - wind energy power plants etc.

A few samples from Mega Projects which Berdan Cıvata was a solution partner for;

Northern Cyprus Water Supply Project: The project is beginning from Anamur (City, located in south of Turkey) and ending in Northern Cyprus. The pipeline distance is 80 km and is located under 250 m depth in Mediterrnean. Berdan Cıvata supplied Bercrome® coated flange studbolts to the project. (Bercrome®: has resistance to 6500 hours salt sprey test. This test means products have nearly 150 years corrosion resistance. And this coating type is patented by Berdan.)

Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project (TANAP): 1.850 kms part of this pipeline Project passes through Turkey. Berdan Cıvata supplied Teflon coated flange studbolts, bolts and nuts to the project. (Teflon coating: has resistance to 2400 hours salt sprey test. And, only Berdan Cıvata is able to make this coating in Turkey.)

Berdan Cıvata has supplied fasteners which were 10.9 grade, HDG coated and Hydrogen embrittlement risk was removed, to nearly 2000 pcs wind power turbines and became a confirmed supplier for 9 of 10 biggest wind power producers in World.

Berdan Cıvata produced anchor bolts (Have 780 kgs weight and 10m lengths) which has carried piers of World’s longest suspended bridge and Europe’s 2nd longest suspended bridge.

For this reason, we can say;

- At past (2015), Europe’s 2nd longest suspended bridge “İzmit Osmangazi Gulf Bridge” for IHI (Japanese giant construction company);
- Now (2019), World’s longest suspended bridge “1915 Dardanelles Strait Bridge” for DAELIM+SK (South Korean giant construction company);
- In the future, Berdan Cıvata is ready to be a solution partner for all Mega Projects which will be located in anywhere, with its nearly 45 year production experiences.

Company Info

Berdan Civata Somun Makine Yedek Parca Imalat Sanayi ve Laboratuvar Hizmetleri Ticaret Sanayi A.S.

Main Office
Tarsus-Mersin Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 5. Cadde No.6
Tarsus / Mersin /
Telephone: 03246764490

Main Office Mersin / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 201-500
Business Type Exporter, Producing by Own Brand, Manufacturer


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