NVBJ-300-2SP Sputtering System

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Short description NVBJ-300-2SP Sputtering System

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The Bell Jar type simple sputtering system can be used for day to day use. System has two box type evaporators and a single DC sputter gun on the base plate. System can be used to produce multilayered, metallic, oxide, fluoride, organic films, like SiO2, TiO2, Mo, ZrO2, TiN, Si3N4, Au, Ag, Al, Ti, Cr and Ni. Features such as thickness/ rate monitor and sample rotation are standard. A typical three layer thin film coating experiment cycle time is about 1.5 hour. For the loaded system the base Pressure is 5x10-7 Torr. 


Bell-Jar Sputtering System • Fully automated vacuum system with panel control, simple operation, 1 hour quick cycle time • Cylindrical vacuum Bell-Jar made of Pyrex Glass, Standard 1" ports • Various sample holders, 2”, 3”, 4” wafers, 1x3” lamellae, small sample spring holder, easy loading • Ability to adjust sample source distance to save evaporation material • Internal SS304 cylindrical protection jacket • 5x10-7 Torr base pressure, 5x10-6 Torr vacuum level in 30 minutes • Turbomolecular + Mechanical pump, SS316 flex hose and dust filter • Wide range (1000 - 10-9 Torr) vacuum control and measurement, auto vent and N2 back-fill ability • Closed cycle water cooler inside the desk, auto-on auto-off cooling system • Two thermal evaporation sources 2000 Watt (10V - 200A) • Two 2” DC Sputter, confocal guns, positioned on the base plate, sequential sputtering by DC power • 600 VDC-3A 1U digital, switching power supply • MFC controlled gas inputs, (Ar, N2, O2) 3 channel real time digital control, 0.1 sccm sensitivity, gas mixing • Throttle, vent and isolation valves, precise manual pressure setting between 1 - 100 mTorr • Ability to do reactive gas sputtering • Auto shut-off in case of power failure. Ability to keep the chamber in vacuum when not in use • One common Servo controlled shutter for two thermal sources • One touch start-stop vent button for automatic vacuum management • 75x120 cm footprint, lockable wheels. Friendly interface and simple operation • Easily passes through the standard 85 centimeter door • One year full warranty for design, materials and workmanship

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NVBJ-300-2SP Sputtering System

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