Kexternal pneumatic linear vibrators

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Turkey /Kutahya /Kutahya Merkez
Short description Kexternal pneumatic linear vibrators

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The K-series Linear Piston Vibrators are particularly suitable for conveying, compacting and detaching of bulk solids due to perfectly linear vibrations. They reach optimum results in emptying of bins or as drives for vibrating conveyors or feeders.
K-type Pneumatic Linear Vibrators are light and compact. Sinusoidal vibration is generated by a self-reversing piston which is freely floating on an air cushion. Frequency and amplitude can be continuously and independently adjusted. K-type Linear Vibrators may operate mounted in any position. Their start / stop behaviour is optimal.
Performance & Technical Features - Benefits
  • Explosion-proof, standard ATEX ExII3D
  • Maintenance-free; oil-free operation possible
  • Standard operation: from -20° C (-4° F) to 130° C (270° F)
  • Adjustable frequency
  • Excellent start / stop behaviour
  • Starts in any position
  • Minimum sound emission
  • Low air consumption

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Kexternal pneumatic linear vibrators

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  • Kexternal pneumatic linear vibrators
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Wamgroup-OLI Makine Sanayi

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Main Office Kutahya / Turkey
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Company Size 51-200
Date of Establishment 1969
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