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Turkey /Kocaeli /Gebze
Short description The IT. MCC incorporates a 24V dc based control circuit design and the most space efficient NEMA electromechanical starter in the industry.

Product description

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The IT. MCC incorporates 24V dc based control circuit design and the most space efficient NEMA electromechanical starter in the industry. Simple and cost competitive Communication options along with the most complete Power Integrity Solutions make the IT. MCC an excellent choice for a variety of applications.

Application Description
Cutler-Hammer Motor Control Centers are custom-made assemblies of conveniently grouped control equipment primarily used for control of motors and for distribution of power. Motor Control Centers are designed for 3-phase applications up to NEMA Size 7 starters.

Features, Benefits and Functions Structure Design
Cutler-Hammer Motor Control Centers are 20 inches (508 mm) wide and 90 inches (2286 mm) high with vertical compartments having 72 inches (1829 mm) of unit mounting space in 6-inch (152 mm) increments.

Structure depth is 16 inches (406 mm) or 21-inch (533 mm) deep front mounted only and 21-inch (533 mm) deep for back-to-back mounted units. The unique framed design permits the highest flexibility in component and structure configuration.

All parts and wiring are front asccessible. Terminal blocks are side mounted in each unit. Vertical wireways separate from control units provide safe and convenient access to wiring and conduits without de-energizing any equipment.

Modular, framed design permits structure arrangement to be tailored to exactly meet any control requirements with a minimum of unusable space. Vertical compartments are incremented for maximum space utilization and unit interchangeability. A 6-inch (152 mm) Size 1 starter unit provides users the ability to solve demanding space requirements and still meet all NEMA and UL standards.

Design tested at the Cutler-Hammer power laboratory to assure maximum protection for control equipment. Engineered to minimize hazards to operating personnel.

UL Listing
Standard structures and units are provided with UL label.

Options and Accessories
Control and Distribution Equipment Packaging
The IT. MCC provides the most innovative packaged solution for the control and power distribution needs of today's users. The IT. MCC's structural characteristics allows the user to select a complete package of control and distribution equipment in a minimum amount of space. The ability to package a wide range of solid-state products including SV9000 drives, the Intelligent Technology's Solid-State Reduced Voltage Starters and PLCs meets the most demanding user process needs. The option to provide high ampacity molded case breakers gives the user the flexibility to minimize switchboard or switchgear structures and thereby saves valuable space and reduces design costs. Other packaged products including automatic transfer switches and panelboards, again reduce space requirements and save time and money on equipment and installation costs.

Product Specifications
     - NEMA 1A, 2, 3R or 12 Enclosure
     - Copper horizontal bus 600 - 3200A 
     - Fully rated copper vertical bus 300 - 1200A 
     - Plug in vertical ground and DC power bus 
     - Optional labyrinth barriers for insulated and isolated vertical bus 
     - Optional side barriers between structures 
     - Heavy-duty spring-operated quarter turn latch 
     - 65 kA and 100 kA bus bracing 

     - IT. Motor Starters
        NEMA Size 1 through 7 
        Solid-state overload relay 
        Phase unbalance protection 
        Class 10, 20 and 30 selectable protection 
        Widest heater range with fewest styles in the industry 
     - Series C HMCP with combination starter ratings of 65 kAIC and 100 kAIC at 480 volts
     - Plug-in units up to 400 amperes 
     - Handle mechanism with positive trip indication 
     - Side-mounted positive latch terminal block 
     - 6-inch NEMA Size 1, 2 units 
     - 12-inch NEMA Size 3 and 4 units 
     - Solid-State Reduced Voltage Starters 
     - Intelligent Technologies 
     - Adjustable Frequency Drives
     - K-Switch visible blade disconnect 
       100 kAIC at 600 volts 
     - Membrane type operatiors and long life LED indicators 
     - Motor load stabs as standard

Product Selection
MCC Operation
The Cutler-Hammer U.S. MCC product line is headquartered in Fayetteville, NC. At Fayetteville, the most progressive engineering in the industry can custom design motor control for the most demanding applications. Most MCCs can be shipped 6 - 8 weeks after receipt of a released order.

Service Centers
One of the most unique aspects of the Cutler-Hammer MCC operation is the ability to provide customized product to meet delivery requirements through a MCC service center. There are eight regional service centers located throughout the U. S. serving key geographic markets. Each service center has the ability to provide standard NEMA 1 B wired product in as little as 1 to 3 days. Please contact the service center in your area to discuss opportunities and MCC support for your specific marketplace.

Seismic Qualification
Both the Advantage MCC and the Freedom 2100 have been qualified to meet the seismic requirements of both the Uniform Building Code and the California Building Code for equipment operation after seismic activity. This equipment, along with the Cutler-Hammer low and medium voltage switchgear assemblies, medium voltage starter assemblies and low voltage switchboards which meet seismic requirements, provide the user with a complete seismic qualified assemblies package. Please contact your Cutler-Hammer sales engineer for more details.

BID Manager
One of the most exciting new tools developed for the MCC product line is the Bid Manager program. Bid Manager is a PC-based pricing program that is capable of providing complete bills of material, front views and prices for Freedom, Advantage, and IT. MCCs. This program can configure a Motor Control Center to meet a multitude of specific applications and provide accurate bills of material and front view drawings in a matter of moments. The program operates on a user friendly, Windows- based format that offers the most extensive product selection found in the industry. A complete line of adjustable frequency drives and reduced voltage solid-state control, along with insulated case breakers, high ampacity molded case breakers and automatic transfer switches are featured in the program. Control and distribution product can be packaged in a multitude of variations. Please contact your Cutler-Hammer sales engineer for more details. 

Quick Details

The IT. MCC incorporates a 24V dc based control circuit design and the most space efficient NEMA electromechanical starter in the industry.

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About Us

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Our mission is; to add "engineering value" on high-tech innovative products to achieve long-term, sustainable growth and profitability.

To achieve this mission, we became Alliance partner of EATON Corp. for their Westinghouse & Cutler Hammer product lines.

Through our alliance EATON`s research and development experience is offerred to all our customers.

Berg presents high technology and also offers process expertise on applications like Paper mills, Steel Mills, Petro-Chemical Industry, Hospitals etc.

For power distribution and automation we offer the full line of Westinghouse and Cutler Hammers state-of-the art innovative products.

Berg Electric undertakes SYSTEM RESPONSIBILITY including engineering, procurement, commissioning and after sales services by utilizing first class human resources trained in United States and Europe.


1) Westinghouse Cutler-Hammer
Power Distribution Systems / Equipment "MV/LV All Products"

2) Westinghouse Cutler-Hammer
Power Quality Conditioning Systems "MV/LV All Products"

3) Westinghouse Cutler-Hammer
Energy Automation and SCADA Systems "All Products"


4600 squaremeter closed area, near Gebze Industrial Zone.


- Partial Discharge Measurement (Phenix PD - Power Diagnostics)
- Hipotronics Insulation Test System (100 kV)
- Hipotronics Insulation Test System (30 kV)
- Network Analysis Kit (Zes Zimmer)
- Protection Relay Test Kit Digital (Phenix, HC2)
- Protection Relay Test Kit Analog (Phenix, HC1)
- Fluke PM3380B 2000 (100 Mhz Combiscope)
- Fluke 43 Power Quality Analyzer
- Energy Quality Measuring System (Mavowatt 45 Energy and Power .... ..Disturbance Analyzer)
- Kyoritsu Megger Insulation Test System (10 kV)
- Kyoritsu Megger Insulation Test System (1 kV)
- Circutor Harmonics Analyzer


- Copper Processing Machinery
- Compressor and Air Assisted Manufacturing tools (Ingersoll Rand)
- Overheadcrane, Demag 5 tons, Abus 3.5 tons
- Automatic Wire Processing and Crimping Machines
- Fluid Bed Epoxy Line
- Heat Treatment Ovens

We maximize our human resources performance by "Stewardship Delegation", continous investment on training and wellbeing: The majority of our personnel are engineers. We only recruit the graduates of Best Engineering Schools We have a competitive compensation policy. Our policy is to train our personnel on a continous basis. We have a training room where we invested approximately $100,000 for actual training on 3 phase 380 V power.

Company Info

Berg Elektrik Cihazlari San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. Gebze Subesi

Main Office
Gebze Plastikçiler Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1. Cad. 11. Sok. No:10
Gebze / Kocaeli / 41490
Telephone: 0 262 751 05 47
                0 262 751 05 48
Fax: 0 262 751 05 49

Main Office Kocaeli / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Business Type Service Provider, Exporter, Importer, Producing by Own Brand, Sales Representative, Repairing / Assembling, Design Service Offering, Manufacturer
Place of Production Gebze Plastikçiler Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 1. Cad. 11. Sok. No:10 41490 Gebze / Kocaeli