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1 TL - 20.000 TL / Cubic meter

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Turkey /Kocaeli /Izmit
Short description Hydrogen Gas is an element with the atomic number 1, indicated by the symbol H.

Product description

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Hidrojen Gazı (H2)


Hidrojen atom numarası 1 olan, H sembolü ile gösterilen bir elementtir. Renksiz, kokusuz, tatsız, yüksek yanıcılıkta, çift atomlu en hafif gazdır.


Kullanım alanları:

-Yağların hidrojenizasyon işleminde

-Elektrik jeneratörlerinin soğutulmasında

-Kromatografide taşıyıcı gaz olarak

-Yakıt pilleri ile enerji üretiminde

-Yarıiletken endüstrisinde kristal üretiminde

-Petrol ve kimya endüstrisinde


HATGAZ Hidrojen Saflık Dereceleri:


  • Yüksek Saflıkta Hidrojen (5.0) %99.999
  • Ultra Yüksek Saflıkta Hidrojen (6.0) %99.9999


HATGAZ, gaz olarak yüksek basınçlı tüpler içerisinde hidrojen sağlayabilmektedir.


Tüp Hacimleri ve Gaz Miktarları
Tüp Su HacmiDolum BasıncıGaz Miktarı
50 lt200 bar8.8 m3
40 lt150 bar5.28 m3
10 lt150 bar1.32 m3


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Hydrogen Gas is an element with the atomic number 1, indicated by the symbol H.

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See translation with Google Translate Google Translate In Hatgrup, Hat Import Export Industry Limited Company, Lubrekip Lubrication Systems Industry and Trade Limited Company and Hat Hayat Medical and Industrial Gases Ltd. Sti. We operate in 7 different areas within gas and high technology products.
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Finally in 2008, with Specialty Gases Laboratory z and in this regard, Turkey has obtained from abroad by signing a policy.

To provide technology and sales services to its customers to adapt to technology and technology.


It is a technology product.
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Because every business we do is making it up to world standards.

Our continued situation is to maintain our continuous search for continuous improvement and excellence to preserve the quality difference.

We maintain our dynamic, entrepreneurial and self-approach by managing our human resources and never losing our team spirit.

Our clients always give the service to work with the solution manufacturers.

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HAT Sinai ve Tibbi Gazlar A.S

Main Office
Fethiye Cad. 8/2 41040 İzmit - KOCAELİ
Izmit / Kocaeli / 41040
Telephone: 02623512510
Fax: 02623512466

Main Office Kocaeli / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Date of Establishment 1989
Business Type Service Provider, Exporter, Importer, Producing by Own Brand, Retail, Sales Representative, Manufacturer
Company Certificates ISO 9001:2000 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, ISO 17025
Place of Production İzmit Cad. No:120 Karatepe Köyü Kartepe