EXFO | BV-1500 Verifier

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Short description Multifunction service assurance verifier with integrated turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

Product description

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EXFO | BV-1500 Verifier

Multifunction service assurance verifier with integrated turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

Spec sheet (PDF)


Key features

  • Real-time performance measurement of IP and Ethernet services
  • End-to-end service testing
  • Network-to-application layer testing
  • Flexible worldwide time synchronization options
  • Carrier-class design
  • Operational simplicity for “lights-out” management
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support


Versatile activation, QoS/QoE monitoring and troubleshooting probe

The BV-1500 Verifier is a single integrated instrument that supports all three phases of the IP and Ethernet service lifecycle: service turn-up, monitoring and troubleshooting.

It enables operators to not only turn up new services quickly and efficiently, but to also monitor the quality of those services and thus assure a high quality of experience (QoE) for the end user.

Carriers can use the BV-1500 to turn up new circuits simultaneously, in addition to measuring the real-time performance of data transport, wireless backhaul, metro Ethernet, VoIP, mobile and video services.

The extremely competitive value and performance of the BV-1500 makes it ideally suited for deployment in a wide variety of service provider and enterprise locations, including metro hubs, regional headends, PoPs, mobile switching centers and data centers.

The one solution for enhanced Ethernet services

The BV-1500 is a key part of EXFO’s Ethernet One solution for optimizing Ethernet service delivery. In conjunction with EXFO NGN Next-Generation Service Assurance Software, the BV-1500 can simultaneously perform monitoring functions across the core and access, while also initiating remote or automated service turn-up tests. The result is a single platform that fulfills the requirements of two or more hardware devices in competing solutions.

By initiating turn-up tests from a central location to service endpoints, operators can avoid costly and time-consuming truck rolls. The BV-1500 allows service providers to deploy one device in a central location to perform turn-up testing and then seamlessly evolve to real-time performance monitoring or vice versa—all with minimal capital expenditures.

With unprecedented test scalability to many thousands of locations, the BV-1500 ensures complete end-to-end network visibility without requiring new hardware to accommodate network growth.

When combined with the comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities of EXFO Worx and its ability to seamlessly integrate with the operator’s OSS, the BV-1500 leverages EXFO’s Ethernet One solution to provide unmatched service lifecycle management capability and service assurance functionality.

Critical component of end-to-end service testing

The BV-1500 Verifier is a critical component of the EXFO end-to-end service testing approach. It delivers both the essential end-user QoE monitoring along with the visibility and detail network administrators need to easily troubleshoot performance problems and identify their root causes.

The BV-1500 enables simultaneous core-to-core, edge-to-core and edge-to-end-user testing. By deploying the BV-1500 Verifier at key locations in the network core and edge, and by leveraging industry standards, network administrators can effectively segment the network in order to gain the needed visibility into the enterprise, access, core and backhaul networks.

Tests can be performed to any other EXFO Verifier or to third-party equipment such as network interface devices (NIDs) or cell site routers (CSRs) using industry standards such as 802.1ag, Y.1731 or TWAMP. By leveraging the operators’ existing equipment, CAPEX costs are reduced and operational efficiencies are maximized.

Continuous simultaneous monitoring of thousands of locations

The BV-1500 Verifier is capable of continuously monitoring thousands of endpoints simultaneously. This unique capability not only offers service providers the very high flexibility they need to test performance across multiple service classes, but also unprecedented scaling capacity when growing their networks. Whether monitoring service performance at many hundreds of endpoints at multiple service classes or thousands of locations at just one—BV-1500 is ready to grow with your network.

Operational simplicity

EXFO’s BV-1500 Verifier delivers the reliability and management features required in carrier environments, combined with the ease of complete “lights-out” operation. Installation requires simply plugging in Ethernet cables for connectivity and connecting the power source—the verifier completes the rest. Upon power-up, the BV-1500 Verifier performs system integrity checks, automatically discovers its EXFO Worx server and then downloads all system configurations, test modules and test schedules over a secure, encrypted connection from the server.

Turn-up and troubleshooting

The BV-1500 Verifier supports turn-up tests, utilizing industry-standard methodologies such as ITU-T Y.1564 or RFC 2544. These tests can not only be performed concurrently with service monitoring tests, but also over the same test ports. The EXFO System utilizes a unique “preflight” mechanism to monitor both the available verifier resources and the available test port bandwidth to ensure that turn-up tests never negatively impact any currently running active SLA monitoring tests.

Transport-to-application layer performance management

EXFO’s BV-1500 Verifier supports a comprehensive suite of more than 70 active tests provided by the EXFO System. These tests address a wide array of network transport protocols and IP services, including Carrier Ethernet, IP, VoIP, video, VPN, wireless and Web-based applications, as well as a variety of performance tests. The BV-1500 calculates a deep set of performance statistics by measuring transport quality and the performance of transport and application-specific protocols. The proactive tests precisely simulate network and user-level activity. Moreover, the BV-1500 Verifier offers a unique capability to run Layer 4-7 performance monitoring tests over a 3G or 4G wireless interface to enable carriers to monitor true end-user quality of experience.

Carrier-class design for in-network deployment

The BV-1500 Verifier is designed from the ground up as carrier-class equipment, offering features such as AC and redundant DC power options.

All EXFO verifiers, including the BV-1500, are centrally managed and provisioned using the EXFO Worx system. All communications between the verifier and EXFO Worx are encrypted and secure. As well, communications between the verifier and the server can be offloaded from the production network onto a management network through the dedicated 10/100/1000 Mbit/s Ethernet management ports.

Patented timing accuracy for real-time services

In addition to industry-leading performance, the BV-1500 features exceptionally accurate timing capabilities to support the sub-millisecond precision required for today’s performance-sensitive services. All time measurements take advantage of the BV-1500 Verifier’s patented hardware packet timestamp engine, eliminating the variations caused by user or kernel-level software-based timing schemes. This combination provides the most accurate one-way measurements in the industry.

A variety of timing options, including external clock input, provide accurate, worldwide synchronization of BV-1500 timestamps to as low as microsecond precision. This allows service providers to identify low-latency intra-metro or regional issues and enforce extremely stringent service-level agreements.

Simple, intuitive reporting

The BV-1500 supports a wide array of turn-up, troubleshooting and monitoring tests that provide operators with valuable network status data. EXFO Worx provides a number of customizable reports and dashboards that turn this data into accessible and actionable information. These web-based reporting tools make it easy for operators to quickly and intuitively understand the test results and therefore, eliminate the need for expensive training. Moreover, since the reports are all web-based, they can be easily presented to subscribers as proof that SLAs are being met.

About Us

See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Fotech; 1989'dan beri bilişim teknolojileri, telekomünikasyon altyapısı ve zayıf akım sistemleri alanında uçtan uca çözümler sunar. Çalışanları, uluslararası alanda kabul görmüş BICSI, PMI, Uptime Institute gibi organizasyonların ve uluslararası üreticilerin ürün/sistem yetkinlik sertifikalarına sahiptir. Süreçleri ISO 9001 kalite standardı ile belgelenmekte, İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği denetimleri sürekli yapılmaktadır.

Fotech'in ana çözümleri Network Sistemleri ve Entegrasyon, Veri Merkezi, Zayıf Akım Sistemleri, Servis Kalitesi, Senkronizasyon, Test ve Ölçüm Ürün ve Çözümleri'dir. Bu kapsamda detaylı olarak aşağıdaki alanlarda faaliyet göstermektedir:

Network Sistemleri ve Entegrasyon:
- Network Sistemleri: Sistem Odası, DAS Sistemleri, Kablosuz İletişim Sistemleri, Network Güvenliği, LAN/WAN, Network Taşıma Hizmetleri
- Server / Storage / Sanallaştırma: Açık Sistem Server, Server Konsolidasyonu ve Sanallaştırma, Server Yedekleme, Storage Sistemleri, Desktop Sanallaştırma Sistemleri (VDI), Sistem Bakım ve Destek
- IP Tabanlı Ses ve Görüntü Çözümleri: IPTV ve Digital Signage Sistemleri, IP Tabanlı ve Analog Telefon Santralı, Otel Yönetim Sistemleri (PMS) Entegrasyonu, Otel Odası Telefonları, Call Center (Çağrı Merkezi)
- Yapısal Kablolama Sistemleri: Veri Merkezi Kablolama, Ticari Bina Kablolama, Bina Dışı Kablolama

Veri Merkezi:
- Verimlilik Çözümleri: DC Yönetim ve İzleme (DCIM) Yazılımları, Akıllı Kablolama
- Güç Sistemleri: Yedekli/Yedeksiz Güç Altyapısı, UPS (Kesintisiz Güç Kaynağı), Güç Dağıtım Sistemleri, Akıllı PDU Sistemleri
- İklimlendirme Sistemleri: In-Row Cooling Sistemleri, Hassas Kontrollü Klima Sistemleri, Kabinet ve Koridor Kapama Sistemleri
- Güvenlik Çözümleri: Geçiş Kontrol Çözümleri, CCTV Çözümleri, Ortam İzleme (Isı, Nem, Su Baskını), Yangın Algılama ve Söndürme, Sıvı Sızıntısı Algılama ve Alarm
- Altyapı Sistemleri: Aydınlatma Sistemleri, Kabinet, Yapısal Kablolama Sistemleri, Omurga ve Aynalama Kablolamaları, Bakır ve Fiber Optik Kablo Kanalları, Yükseltilmiş Döşeme ve Sismik Koruma, Kablo ve Boru Geçişleri Yalıtımı, Topraklama
- Uptime TIER Sertifikasyonu: Topoloji Tasarımı ve Uygulama Denetimi, Operasyonel Sürdürülebilirlik, Dokümantasyon, Sertifikalandırma, Periyodik Denetleme

Zayıf Akım Sistemleri:
- CCTV: IP ve Analog CCTV Sistemleri, Video Yönetim, Kontrol ve Analiz Sistemleri, Video Depolama Sistemleri
- Geçiş Kontrol: Kartlı / Biyometrik Geçiş Sistemleri, Yönetim, Kontrol, Raporlama ve Kayıt Sistemleri Yazılımları, Intercom Sistemleri
- Ses ve Görüntü (AV) Sistemleri: Toplantı Odaları Multimedya Sistemleri, Tele/Video Konferans Sistemleri, Profesyonel Ses ve Görüntü Sistemleri
- KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse): KVM Switch (Secure / Enterprise / IP Enabled), KVM Extender, Tray, Aksesuar
- Kontrol Odaları: Video Wall Sistemleri, Kayıt İzleme Merkezleri, Uzaktan Kontrol ve Müdahale Sistemleri, KVM Sistemleri
- Yangın Algılama ve İhbar Sistemi
- Acil Anons ve Seslendirme

- Birincil Referans Kaynakları (Primary Reference Sources): GNSS Zayıflıklarının Oluşturduğu Tehditleri Bertaraf Etme, Yeni ITU-T G.8272.1 Standardı, 5071A Cesium Frequency Standardı ile Entegrasyon, Network Devreye Alma ve Yönetimi
- GNSS Çözümleri: Anten Çözümleri, İzleme İstasyonları, Real Time Kinematic / Precise Point Positioning
- PTP / SyncE / NTP Çözümleri: Carrier Grade Senkronizasyon, Kurumsal NTP / PTP Çözümleri, Network Management System (NMS) Raporları
- SSU / SDU Çözümleri: Senkronizasyon Sinyali Filtreleme ile Gürültü Engelleme, Diğer lokal ekipmanların senkronizasyonu için dağıtım, “Holdover Mode”

Servis Kalitesi:
- Fiber Network İzleme ve Yönetimi: Hızlı Problem Tespiti, Önleyici Testler Tanımlama, Düzenli Hata Raporlaması, İş Emirlerinin Oluşturulması, GIS Tabanlı Sistemler ile Entegrasyon
- Carrier Wi-Fi İzleme ve Yönetimi: Merkezi Servis Kalitesi ve Analitiği, Cihaz ve Yönetim Sistemleri Entegrasyonu, QoE İzleme, Test ve Raporlama
- VoLTE QoE Çözümleri: Optimum Servis ve QoE / QoS, Hızlı ve Uygun VoLTE Hizmeti ve İzleme, Tam Network İzlenebilirliği
- Performans İzleme ve Yönetimi: Servis Kalitesi Seviyelerini Gerçek Zamanlı Test, Network Operasyonları Optimizasyonu, Kapasite Planlaması, QoE Analizi ve Sorun Çözümü, Değişim Yönetimi, SLA Yönetimi, Özelleştirilmiş Raporlamalar
- Network ve Servis Topolojisi: Gerçek Zamanlı Network ve Servis Topolojisi, Görünebilirlik, troubleshooting, İş Akışı Veri Sıralama, Otomatik Network Hattı Belirleme ve Aktivite Önceliklendirme, Merkezi Çoklu Değişim Planı Koordinasyonu

Test ve Ölçüm:
- Fiber Optik ve Bakır Kablo Test / Sertifikasyon Cihazları
- Wireless Network Test Cihazları
- Transport ve Datacom Test Cihazları
- Sanal Network Test Çözümleri
- Fiber Ek Cihazları
- Cihaz Kiralama ve/ya Ölçüm Çözümleri

Tüm bu çözümlerimizi, sunduğumuz ayrıcalıklı hizmetlerle destekliyoruz:
- Tamir / Bakım
- Gerçek Kalibrasyon
- Eğitim (BICSI Kredili)
- Bakım Sözleşmeleri (SLA)
- Özel Tasarım Kablo Grupları Üretimi, Savunma Sanayi için Özel Üretim
- Stratejik Dış Kaynak Sağlama

Company Info

Fotech Fiber Optik Teknolojik Hizmetler San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.

Main Office
Ataşehir Bulvarı 38. Ada Ata 3/3 Plaza Kat: 5 Daire: 51, 52 Ataşehir 34758 İstanbul Türkiye
Atasehir / Istanbul (Anadolu) / 34758
Telephone: +902164564005
Fax: +902164565086

Main Office Istanbul (Anadolu) / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Date of Establishment 1989
Website http://www.fotech.com.tr/tr/
Business Type Distributor / Wholesaler
Annual Sales Volume 10 - 50 Million
Export Percentage 11%-20%
Company Certificates ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
Place of Production Mimar Sinan Mahallesi YEDPA Ticaret Merkezi H1 Caddesi No: 31,32,33 Atasehir ıstanbul 34779 Turkey
Production Area Size 0 - 1000 m²
Annual Buying Capacity 5 - 10 Million
R&D Personnel 0 - 5 employees
Quality Control Personnel 0 - 5 employees