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Short description Drop and Trunk Cables - Indoor and Outdoor

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Draka CATV Network Solutions


Prysmian Group Linking the future In our energy business, we design, produce, distribute and install cables and systems for the transmission and distribution of power at low, medium, high and extra-high voltage. In telecoms, the Group is a leading manufacturer of all types of copper and fi bre cables, systems and accessories – covering voice, video and data transmission. Drawing on over 130 years’ experience and continuously investing in R&D, we apply excellence, understanding and integrity to everything we do, meeting and exceeding the precise needs of our customers across all continents, at the same time shaping the evolution of our industry. As the worldwide leader in the cable industry, Prysmian Group believes in the eff ective, efficient and sustainable supply of energy and information as a primary driver in the development of communities. With this in mind, we provide major global organisations in many industries with best-in-class cable solutions, based on state-of-the-art technology. Through two renowned commercial brands – Prysmian and Draka – based in almost 100 countries, we’re constantly close to our customers, enabling them to further develop the world’s energy and telecoms infrastructures, and achieve sustainable, profitable growth. 3 Cable solutions to support the development of the world’s telecoms infrastructure As the world’s largest producer of telecoms cables, supporting the infrastructures of many of the world’s leading telecoms operators, the Prysmian Group delivers optical fi bre and copper cabling solutions that help link communications to communities around the globe. Covering voice, video and data transmission, we are world leader in the production of optical fibre, offering unique and fully owned technology. Our portfolio sets the benchmark in global innovation, and is the outcome of continuous multimillion Euro investment in R&D and production in more than 30 facilities worldwide. What links communications to communities? Leading trade fairs like the CeBIT in Hanover make it abundantly clear: The “intelligent building” is the concept of the future. Not only will it offer new possibilities of using various media and devices interactively, but it will also make life more comfortable and safer, and in addition will safe energy costs. Cables of screening class “A” for Triple Play applications Already common applications like Triple Play – the transmission of internet, telephone and TV over one cable – can be optimally solved with shielded coaxial cables. Systems use the so-called backward channel being in the lower frequency range. The quality of the shielding in this frequency range is indicated by the so-called transfer impedance. The rule of thumb is: The lower the transfer impedance the better the shielding effect for the backward channel. For these applications Draka offers coaxial cables with an extra low transfer impedance, which exceed the requirements of screening class A and higher. In order to eliminate digital noise like pixelation on TV reception, the best possible physical shielding of the coaxial cable is of utmost importance. The patented Draka tri-shield coaxial cable design, consisting of dense braid shielding underlayered by two aluminium PET foils, serves this purpose. Compared to conventional cables, it shows a considerably better shielding attenuation, preventing interference from appliances in the immediate environment. Draka tri-shield cables help to meet the limiting values given by law. Hybrid cables for the enjoyment of future technology Hence, the demands on home cabling are very high. In order to ensure a perfect quality of data transmission, high-quality shielding of the cables is necessary. The future-oriented solution of Draka means: multi-platform indoor cables consisting of various combinations of coaxial cables, conventional data cables and future-oriented fibre optic cables. For example, hybrid cables consist of a coaxial cable for today’s services like TV or broadband internet, a high-quality data cable for IP-based services or networks, and bend insensitive optical fibres for next generation super high-speed networks and IP services. Thus, Draka offers a future-proof solution independent from the respective network operator. 4 Draka Cable Solutions Bonded Al PET foils Physically foamed cellular PE dense copper braid, tinned Prevention with future prospects For many years, flame retardance has been among the minimum requirements of indoor cables. PVC cables were often used in the past. PVC is less flammable than other materials, but they do not prevent a spread of fire. They may even release toxic and corrosive gases when burnt. The future-proof alternative: High-quality FRNC (LSHF) materials with considerably improved properties in case of fire. Benefits for housing societies, property managers and home owners at a glance. / Hybrid solutions consisting of a coaxial cable, a data cable and an optical fibre cable ensure the future sustainability of cable solutions and the value retention of the building – independent from the network operator. / Tri-shield coaxial cables exceed the requirements of screening class A including the transfer impedance. / High-quality halogen-free flame retardant cables ensure optimum fire protection. 5 protecting Frnc sheath All CATV cables are available with halogen-free and flame retardant FRNC sheath. Excellent materials guarantee best electrical and mechanical properties of the cable. The ability of our cables to avoid a spread of fire is documented by two standardized test methods: The fire characteristics of a single cable are determined according to IEC 60332-1. IEC 60332-3-24 tests the characteristics of cable bundles. iec 60332-3-24 passed In a 4 metre high cabinet, a cable bundle is exposed to a strong flame for 20 minutes. The cables burn within the range of the propane gas flame (up to 1 metre), however, the cable bundle extinguishes itself and the remaining cable length remains without damage: No fire propagation, no excessive smoke development obstructing chances to escape in case of emergency. For comparison: Under the same conditions, PVC cables burn completely within 5 minutes over the entire length. safety highest precautionary measures as to the cabling apply at crowded places (e.g. hospitals, airports, schools, department stores, hotels), in buildings with a high concentration of commodity values, and wherever a breakdown would involve high expenses (e.g. industrial plants, power stations, EDP centres, banks) as well as in alarm, signal and control systems. Fire test according to iec 60332-1 (on the left) and iec 60332-3-24 (on the right) improved fire protection characteristics / No spread of fire (fire propagation), e.g. transmission of the local fire alongside the cable / No emission of corrosive gases, possibly creating acid with extinguishing water / Very low smoke development / No dioxin in the fire residues / Considerably low toxicology of fire gases 6 Draka Cable Solutions Drop and Trunk cables – Indoor and Outdoor Draka manufactures high-quality copper and fibre optic cables for all multimedia applications. Approved by many network operators Many users appreciate the quality and reliability of Draka. Thus, our Drop and Trunk cables are approved, e.g. by Kabel Deutschland (KDG), TeleNet or UPC. Screening class A To reduce egress and ingress to a tolerable level, our CATV cables are equipped with screening constructions which fulfil the latest EN 50117-2-n standard. Drop cables follow classes A, B or C, Trunk cables reach class A+ or A++ performance. Anti-aging and low reflections The dielectrics consist of physically foamed cellular PE, thus no chemical additives are needed and no aging effects appear. Halogen-free and flame retardant For each application the correct sheath material. You can choose between FRNC for indoor use and PE for outdoor use. Also water resistant materials being both halogen-free and flame retardant are available. Connector compatibility Draka CATV cables are compatible to all major connectors – we have this approved by leading connector manufacturers. Compatibility certificates and all relevant data sheets are available for download at or 7 screening option Drop cable Indoor cable with PVC or FRNC sheath s „super“ 2 bonded Al-PET foils + 70-80% braid Screening attenuation > 110 dB Class A* + reserve A „Advanced“ Al-PET foil + 70-80% braid Screening attenuation > 90 dB Class A* e „economy“ Al-PET foil + 40% braid Screening attenuation > 80 dB Class B/C* type Attenuation @ 862mhz inner conductor/ dielectric outer Diameter Coax15 AD 06 30 dB/100 m 0.66/2.95 mm 4.3 mm Cabelcon: F-60 Mini 3.2/5.6 PPC: CMP-MC32 Pink • CMP-MC30 Yellow Coax11 AD 08 24 dB/100 m 0.8/3.5 mm 5.0 mm Cabelcon: Series -11 • Series -106 – F-59 (3.7) PPC: CMP-MC37 Orange Coax10 AD 10** 19 dB/100 m 0.95/4.65 mm 6.8 mm Cabelcon: Series -01 (4.9) • F-56 (4.9) PPC: Series A025 (4.9) • CMP-6-49 Blue • EX6-49/83 Coax9 AD 11 17 dB/100 m 1.13/4.8 mm 6.8 mm Cabelcon: Series -01 (5.1) • F-56 (5.1) PPC: Series A025 (5.1) • CMP-6-51 Grey • EX6-51/83 Coax6 AD 16 13 dB/100 m 1.61/7.15 mm 10.1 mm Cabelcon: Series –C232 • Series -32 • FM-RG11 PPC: Series B004 • EX11 Coax10 Trishield 18.6 dB/100 m 1.0/4.55 mm 6.8 mm 2 bonded Al-PET foils + 50% braid Cabelcon: Serie -01 (4,9) • F-56 (4,9) PPC: Serie A025 (4,9) CMP-6-49 Blue EX6-49/83 screening option Trunk cable Outdoor cable with PE sheath s „super“ Welded CU tube Screening attenuation > 120 dB Class A++* A „Advanced“ Cu-PET-Cu foil + 60% braid Screening attenuation > 100 dB Class A+* e „economy“ Cu foil + 60% braid Screening attenuation > 90 dB Class A/B* type Attenuation @ 862mhz inner conductor/ dielectric outer Diameter Coax6 CT 15 11 dB/100 m 1.55/7.25 mm 10.1 mm - Cabelcon: Serie -C232 • Serie -32 • FM-RG11 PPC: Serie B004 • EX11 Coax4 CT 22 9 dB/100 m 2.2/8.8 mm 12.3 mm Cabelcon: Serie -C303 Serie -03 PPC: Serie D015 KES connector Cabelcon: Serie -C303 • Serie -03 PPC: Serie D015 Coax4 CT 22 9 dB/100 m 2.2/9.3 mm 12.5 mm - Cabelcon: Serie -309 PPC: Serie D056 Coax4 CT 22 9 dB/100 m 2.2/10.2 mm 13.8 mm - Cabelcon: Serie -413 • Serie -C314 PPC: Serie E019 Coax3 CT 33 6 dB/100 m 3.3/13.5 mm 17.1 mm Cabelcon: Serie -C525 Serie -25 PPC: Serie G003 KES connector Cabelcon: Serie -C525 • Serie -25 PPC: Serie G003 Coax2 CT 48 4.1 dB/100m 4.75/19.4mm 24.9 mm Cabelcon: Serie -17 KES connector - * Class A, B and C according to EN 50117-2-1, -2, -4 and -5 (incl. Cenelec SC46XA) ** Also available with super light aluminium braid: Coax10 AD 10 S Al * Class A+ and A++ according to EN 50117-2-3 (incl. Cenelec SC46XA) 8 Future-oriented cabeling Solutions We have offices and production facilities all over the world. To get in touch with us and find out how we can help you build your network, visit our website at or contact us. Austria* Lemböckgasse 47A A-1230 Vienna Phone: +43 1 294 0095 16 Telefax: +43 1 294 0095 97 martina.horak@ * including: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Bulgaria Denmark Priorparken 833, DK-2605 Broendby Phone: +45 6039 2600 Telefax: +45 4343 7617 dk-comm-cc@ Finland* Metsänneidonkuja 8 FI-02130 Espoo Phone: +358 10 56 61 Telefax: +358 10 56 63 394 * including: The Baltic States France Le Sophocle - Parc demAlgorithmes 9, Avenue du Marais 95100 Argenteuil Phone: +33 1 34 34 41 30 Telefax: +33 1 30 76 40 12 DrakaCutomerCare.MMSFrance Germany Friedrichshagener Str. 29-36 D - 12555 Berlin Phone: +49 30 65 485 760 Telefax: +49 30 65 485 602 Germany* Piccoloministr 2 D-51063 Cologne Phone: +49 221 67 70 Telefax: +49 221 67 73 890 * including: Switzerland Italy Prysmian Cables and Systems Viale Sarca 222 20126 Milano Phone: +39 02 64493201 Telefax: +39 02 64495060 Netherlands Draka Kabel B.V. Hamerstraat 2-4 1021 JV Amsterdam Phone: +31 20 637 9911 Telefax: +31 20 6379363 Netherlands* Zuidelijk Halfrond 11 NL-2801 DD Gouda Phone: +31 182 59 21 00 Telefax: +31 182 59 22 00 * including: Belgium and Luxembourg Norway* Kjerraten 16 3013 Drammen Phone: +47 32 24 90 00 Telefax: +47 32 24 91 16 * including: Sweden and Iceland Russia Neva Cables Ltd. 8th Verkhny pereulok, 10, Industrial Zone PARNAS RUS-St. Petersburg, 194292 Phone: +7 812 6006671 Telefax: +7 812 6006683 Singapore Singapore Cables Manufacturers Pte Ltd, SCM Draka Comteq Singapore Pte Ltd, DCS Prysmian Cables Systems Pte Ltd, PCS Draka Vietnam (SCM Rep Office) No 20 Jurong Port Road, Jurong Town Singapore 619094 Phone: +65 6265 0707 Telefax: +65 6265 2226 Spain* Can Vinyalets núm. 2 E-08130 Sta. Perpetua de Mogoda Barcelona Phone: +34 935 74 83 83 Telefax: +34 935 60 13 42 * including: Portugal and Italy Turkey* Haktan Is Merkezi No:39 Kat 2 setustu Kabatas 34427 Istanbul Phone: +90 212 393 77 00 Telefax: +90 212 393 77 64 * including: All other countries in Africa and Middle East United Kingdom* Crowther Road, Crowther Industrial Estate, Washington, Tyne and Wear, NE38 0AQ Phone: +44 191 415 50 00 Telefax: +44 191 415 82 78 * including: Ireland

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Drop and Trunk Cables - Indoor and Outdoor

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See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Founded in 2005, located in Istanbul/ Turkey, by well educated engineers having long years of deep international experience and excellent background in telecommunication market who gained great knowledge working as high-level technical staff with celebrated success.

Fokabeks is leading, premiere , specialized and/ or sole exclusive distributor of partner companies in EMEA region for cables and cable connectivity products..


Provides consultancy for material procurement and supplies products in accordance with needs of the customers.
Supplies long term and high performance solutions to the customers by following technology closely and by working together with companies who are worldwide well known leaders in their operating fields.
By having dynamic and sophisticated staff, is a company that presents solutions in the communication market with the attention it pays to the trio of human, knowledge and experience.

Operates for core fields of;
Bare Optical Fibers
Fiber optic cables
Data, telephone and instrumentation cables
Coaxial cables
RF Mobile Wireless Antenna Cables
Special Cables for oil, marine, military and gas industry to be used in harsh environments
Cable connectivity products
In Brief,we are dedicated to the Cable World which our aim is to supply cables and cable connectivity products with the best possible solutions to comply with specific needs of our clients to establish a long term & continuous business partnership.

As a specialized, independent, reliable and optimum-sized company, focusing on supply, we have been able to grow steadily by quickly responding to our customers’ needs. Our short delivery times, backed up by an extensive stock of products, enable us to deliver punctually and keep our clients satisfied. This remains our goal for the future, too.

Simply, we are cable systems specialist and reliable expert for high quality cables & connectivity products supply to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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Focabex - Fokabeks Kablo ve Sistemleri Ltd. Şti.

Main Office
38.ADA , ATA 3/3 PLAZA, KAT:6, DAİRE: 60 , 34758
Atasehir / Istanbul (Anadolu) /
Telephone: 0216 456 91 38
                0216 456 91 39
Fax: 0216 456 91 41

Main Office Istanbul (Anadolu) / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Date of Establishment 2005
Business Type Manufacturer