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Turkey /Ankara /Yenimahalle
Short description Large LCD Display and Bright Display Light Weight-based Top-Up Pickup Feature Rechargeable Battery

Product description

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  • Ticari veya Endüstriyel Kullanım İçin
  • Çift Şase Platformlu 4 Loadcellli Tartım Baskülü
  • Büyük LCD Gösterge ve Parlak Ekran Işığı
  • Ağırlık Bazında Üst Üste Toplama Özelliği
  • Şarj Edilebilir Akülü


  • RS-232, Kablosuz, Bluetooth Bağlantıları
  • Harici LED Gösterge
  • Barkodlu Etiket ve Fiş Yazıcı

 Teknik Özellikler









ABM-4D 600



 100x100 cm
 100x120 cm
 120x120 cm
 120x150 cm
 150x150 cm
ABM-4D 1500



 100x100 cm
 100x120 cm
 120x120 cm
 120x150 cm
 150x150 cm
ABM-4D 3000



 100x100 cm
 100x120 cm
 120x120 cm
 120x150 cm
 150x150 cm
Çalışma Sıcaklığı    -10ºC  ~  40ºC 
Güç Kaynağı Şarj Edilebilir Akü, AC/DC Adaptör


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Large LCD Display and Bright Display Light Weight-based Top-Up Pickup Feature Rechargeable Battery

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About Us

See translation with Google Translate Google Translate We have been the solution partner of the professional kitchens with 50 years experience and having top technology machine park on modern manufacturing outdoor area. Since 1961,We have produced Preparation Equipments,Cafe Equipments,Diswasher,Cooking Equipments,Cooling Equipments,Display Products,Shelves,Sahra Kitchens and Mobile Kitchens that are used by military and non-governmental organizations in Industrial Kitchen Sector and we are going on producing according to your demands.Our professional sales team presents our products with our extensive authorized service network both in domestic and foreign market by their perfect service and we are proud of being one of the fastest-growing companies in the world.

DİKTAS,has succeed to be focus of interest both in Turkey and the World by adding so many imported products, that are not produced in Turkey,to their product portfolio.DİKTAS designs their products to be used easily in everywhere in the world.Thus,DİKTAS has become one of the important manufacturers by exporting their products to so many countries of the world,especially to Europe countries.

DİKTAS always keeps innovator features without making concessions.DİKTAS has always aimed to be leader of their sector by presenting high quality products and service in the kitchen of business.We have paid an attention to development to achieve new informations due to attaching importance to science and technology.DİKTAS has brought a new understanding to the kitchen by presenting suitable and effective solutions to every budgets,paying attention to development.DİKTAS has become one of the rare companies in the world by producing perfect products and postpurchase service,always investing to reply requirements of the age.

All products that are presented by the signature of DİKTAS ,reflects the pleasure of quality and comfort to you.

Company Info

Diktas Industrial Kitchen Equipments

Main Office
100.Yıl Bulvarı 1232.Cadde (Eski 40.Sokak) No:55 PK:06374 Ostim OSB / Yenimahalle / ANKARA / Türkiye
Yenimahalle / Ankara / 06374
Telephone: 03123859872
Fax: 03123859875

Main Office Ankara / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 11-50
Date of Establishment 1961
Business Type Distributor / Wholesaler, Exporter, Producing by Own Brand, Retail, Sales Representative, Manufacturer
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