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Turkey /Kocaeli /Darica
Short description Copper ETP and OF Wire Rod

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Cu-ETP Wirerod:
NOMINAL DIAMETER RANGE    : 8 mm, 11 mm, 16 mm  (5/16", 7/16", 5/8" )
DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCE    : ± 0.38 mm (± 0.015")
OXYGEN CONTENT                    : 180-300 ppm
CONDUCTIVITY                    : Min. 58.58 m/ohm mm², >% 101 IACS
% ELONGATION                    : Min. % 40
WEIGHT                                    : Max 4000 kg (8810 lb)
PACKAGE                                    : Placed on wooden pallets strapped and shrink-wrapped

Cu-OF Wirerod:
NOMINAL DIAMETER RANGE    : 8.00 - 12.5 - 19.00  - 20.00 - 25.00 mm (5/16", 31/64", 3/4", 25/32", 63/64")
DIMENSIONAL TOLERANCE    : ± 0.38 mm (± 0.015")
OXYGEN CONTENT                    :  Max. 3 ppm
CONDUCTIVITY                    : Min. 58.58 m/ohm mm² (>% 101 IACS)
% ELONGATION                    : Min. % 35
WEIGHT                                    : Max. 3100 - 4000 kg (6830 - 8810 lb) (depends on diameter)
PACKAGE                                    : Placed on wooden pallets strapped and shrink-wrapped

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Copper ETP and OF Wire Rod

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About Us

See translation with Google Translate Google Translate Founded by the gold dealers and jewellers of the Covered Bazaar, an important centre of commerce in Istanbul in 1972 to produce electrolytic copper products, Sarkuysan derives its name from the first syllables of the founders’ professions (SARraf: Gold dealer; KUYumcu: Jeweller; SANatkar: Artist).
The company has a special place in the history of industrialization of the country as the first successful publicly held corporation. The production plants of Sarkuysan are located in Gebze and Darıca, on the premises of an area of 180.000 square metres and with a covered area of over 77.000 square metres where electrolytic copper products, copper tube and bus bars are produced. The company increased annual production capacity to over 200.000 tonnes which was 10.000 tonnes at the initial stage.
The company’s products are the standard input materials of several industries including electro technique, electronic, motor, communication, power generation and distribution, solar and renewable energy, home appliances, measurement instruments, defence, automotive, chemical, construction, heating, air-conditioning and sanitary plumbing. The company carries out its activities in accordance with requirements of the ISO- EN 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 Quality Management Systems. The company has also obtained certificates of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Sarkuysan, with its trademark “sks” products, is the leader in its sector in terms of production and sales in the domestic market, and exports a significant portion of its products to nearly 50 countries in five continents. It is estimated that almost half of the autos and commercial vehicles produced in Europe use Sarkuysan’s wires. For many years the company has been selling oxygen free and nickel plated copper wires to the suppliers of NASA and in recent years to aerospace industry.
The company has over 600 employees. 90 percent of the workers at the production units are graduates of either vocational schools or high school and they attend training programs every year. The Company manufactures a portion of its own machinery or plants either under licence or by utilizing its own know-how. In addition, a considerable portion of power and steam requirement of the Company is generated at the power generator on its premises. Sarkuysan, utilizing its own know-how and technological information accumulated during a period of nearly 40 years, obtains successful results both at home and abroad.

Sarkuysan is a group of companies, consisting of Sarmakina A.Ş., a manufacturer of machinery spare parts for the wire and cable industry, which is also active in the environmental protection field, Demisaş A.Ş., a manufacturer of nodular and gray iron and various parts for the automotive industry, Sarda A.Ş. marketing and sales company of Sarkuysan products and Bektaş A.Ş. a participating company in Bemka A.Ş., the enamelled copper wire manufacturer. In line with its intensive export sales marketing efforts, Sarkuysan has a branch, Sarkuysan S.P.A., in Italy and sales and marketing incorporation, Sark-USA, Inc., in the USA since 2002. Sark-Wire, Incorporated in Albany, New York, commenced production at its own plant in Albany towards the end of 2009. Thus Sarkuysan has become a pioneer Turkish company with a production facility in the USA. Also high value added products are produced at the Aegean Free Zone plant of the company and exported to various countries. The company also has a sales store at Perpa Business Center in Istanbul to meet smaller requirements.

SARKUYSAN supplies many products, made in accordance with international standards with “sks” trademark to both domestic and world markets. These products are used as input material for the manufacture of industrial products that facilitate and add colour to our lives. Every year the company offers employment opportunities to many people. With approximately 5000 shareholders, Sarkuysan, with its tax payments and distribution of dividends, and foreign currency revenues, creates added value for the country’s economy. Today SARKUYSAN is a dynamic and enterprising International Corporation truly publicly owned and run by professional management with a modern management structure.

Company Info

Sarkuysan Elektrolitik Bakir Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.

Main Office
Emek Mahallesi, Aşıroğlu Cd. No:147 41700 Darıca-Kocaeli
Darica / Kocaeli /
Telephone: 262 676 66 00
Fax: 262 676 66 80

Main Office Kocaeli / Turkey
Company Type Private Company
Company Size 501-1.000
Business Type Exporter, Manufacturer


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