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Women's Bags
I want to get bags and wallets for women. I'm gonna get a lot of stuff. I will share the details with the companies that send the message.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Bxxxxx
Different Model Bags
I'll take the bags in different models. I want to get information about price and products.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: اxxxxx
A4 copier paper
I work in the autonomous region of Palestine. We need A4 copier paper for our business. Waiting for price info.
Effective Date: 6/4/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Whiskey Glassware
I want to buy a whiskey cup. I like crystal-looking products. I have a message on the price. Thanks.
Effective Date: 6/4/2020Company: Axxxxx
Mixed Nuts
I'm living in Sweden. Quantity and other details will be shared with the companies that contacted.
Effective Date: 6/4/2020Company: Sxxxxx
5 LT Pet Sunflower Oil
I will buy sunflower oil in 5 lt bottle. Waiting for the price offer.
Effective Date: 6/4/2020Company: Axxxxx
Suit, shoes and slippers of various kinds both Women and Men
Suit, shoes and slippers of various kinds both Women and Men
Quantities Required: 50 Ayak Effective Date: 6/1/2019Company: Axxxxx
Plated Steel Wire Rope
PLZ, give me your best price USD/1 ,m for steel wire rope DIN 3059-6*19+FE - d=16.5 mm
Quantities Required: 9000 Metre Effective Date: 5/28/2019Company: Oxxxxx
Tandoor Rotary Blades
Tandir doner pica
Effective Date: 5/26/2019Company: Hxxxxx
Electrode welding machines
Hello, I'll take electrode welding machine for my factory. Waiting for help.
Effective Date: 5/25/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Fresh Cheddar Cheese
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Effective Date: 5/20/2019Company: Mxxxxx
hk 35 mycelium
hk 35 micellar will be taken
Quantities Required: 20 Kilogram Effective Date: 5/20/2019Company: Axxxxx
Iron Bending Machine
I want to know Iron Bending Machine price. Thanks for your help.
Effective Date: 5/20/2020Company: اxxxxx
Broiler chick
In order to be grown regularly in Turkmenistan, broiler chicks will be purchased. In the first stage, 20,000 2 days old broiler chick will be taken and there will be periodic purchases. I would like to ask you to quote.
Quantities Required: 20000 Adet Effective Date: 2/28/2019Company: Sxxxxx
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Annealed Fence Wire
I want to informations about Annealed Fence Wire. Price, delivery etc. Thank you for your help.
Effective Date: 5/19/2020Company: Exxxxx
Pvc coated wire
I want to buy PVC Coated Wire. Could you help me?
Effective Date: 5/19/2020Company: Exxxxx
I want to learn the price of different types of nails. What is the minimum order quantity and how is the delivery handled?
Effective Date: 5/19/2020Company: Exxxxx
Mixed Fruit Aromatic Stick Chewing Gum
I would like to learn the minimum order quantity of this product along with its wholesale price.
Effective Date: 5/11/2020Company: Rxxxxx
Glass Chiller
I want to inquire about glass chiller. Please inform me on your prices.
Effective Date: 5/11/2020Company: Kxxxxx
Dish Rack
I would like to know if delivery to Israel is possible?
Effective Date: 5/11/2020Company: Gxxxxx