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Women's Pajama Set
My name is Wendy from Kenya. I am interested in the summer pajamas for ladies and men if you have. I need in small quantities for my new business. please share catalogue. I am looking forward to hear from you.
Effective Date: 7/5/2020Company: Wxxxxx
Baling press machine
I'd like to buy a baler press machine. What are the price ranges? What are the shipping terms? I want to get information.
Effective Date: 4/4/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Aluminum Table and Chair Set
I live in North Cyprus. I will buy tables and chairs made of aluminum material for use in the garden. I expect price and product information from companies that can send products to North Cyprus. I wish you good work.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Fxxxxx
Dining room
I will buy a dining room set. I want information about diffrent type sets price
Effective Date: 7/4/2019Company: Wxxxxx
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Agricultural Machinery
I would like buy a plowing fields machine. Can you send me infomation about price?
Quantities Required: 1 Adet Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Txxxxx
Women's Leggings
I want to get different models of tights for women. I want price information about patterned models. I will share my contact details with the companies that send messages.
Effective Date: 7/4/2019Company: Sxxxxx
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Child sleep set
I'll buy a sleep set for boys and girls. What is the minimum order quantity at wholesale purchase? I will be happy if you give me information.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Yxxxxx
Cotton satin jacquard duvet
I'm gonna get a duvet cover. Waiting for the price offer for satin, lacy and jacquard models.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Yxxxxx
Color Towels
We will take hand, face and bath towels in different colors. Please provide information about 100% cotton products.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Yxxxxx
Black Slipper
I look for manufactures to slipper. I would like information about man or women slippers. İf you are a manufacturer, i will send comminications informations. Thank you.
Effective Date: 7/3/2019Company: Axxxxx
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Sauce Preparation Machine
I would like to buy sauce preparation machine for my factory. The machine should do ketchup and mayonnaise. I will wait your answer about price and machice details.
Effective Date: 7/3/2020Company: Cxxxxx
I would like to buy door and window hinge. I wait informations about to price. Thanks for your help. Best regards.
Effective Date: 7/3/2020Company: Cxxxxx
Highway Barriers
We'il get about 10,000 meters of highway barrier. What is the price per meter, I would be pleased if you provide information. Good work.
Quantities Required: 10000 Metre Effective Date: 7/2/2020Company: Sxxxxx
Sasu Ton Fish Classic
Sasu 80 g and 160 g ton fish classic
Quantities Required: 5 Koli Effective Date: 7/2/2019Company: Exxxxx
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I would like to buy water 1500ml, 500ml, 350ml.I want to information about prices and other details.Thank you.
Effective Date: 11/6/2020Company: Sxxxxx
Push bar
I'm looking for a door push bar. I would like to get information about single or double locked, non-lock models. I will be glad if you help me.
Effective Date: 7/1/2020Company: Jxxxxx
I'm particularly interested in door accessories, especially locks. I am looking for your help on minimum order quantity and prices.
Effective Date: 7/1/2020Company: Jxxxxx
Red lentils split
I want to buy red lentils from your country. I'm gonna buy 20 tons. Waiting for price info.
Quantities Required: 20 Ton Effective Date: 6/28/2020Company: Kxxxxx
Men's clothing
I'll buy different model men's clothes like shirts, sweaters. I want information on minimum order quantities and prices. Thanks.
Effective Date: 6/28/2019Company: Axxxxx
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Womens Clothing
I will buy various women's clothes such as blouses, dresses, shirts. I'm waiting for companies that give wholesale prices.
Effective Date: 6/28/2020Company: Axxxxx