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Heeled shoes
I'm going to buy high-heeled shoes in different colors and models. How many pairs can be ordered at least? I am waiting for information.
Effective Date: 6/12/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Furniture Leather
We need different skin colors to cover the furniture. First of all we will take 4000 meters and increase the order according to satisfaction. What is the price per meter?
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Kxxxxx
Bathroom battery
I want to take a bath mixer. Waiting for your price offer for different models.
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Roller Blinds
We are looking for manufacturers who will supply the curtain to our company. Please specify the minimum order quantity.
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Exxxxx
Printing Ink
We have a factory that makes cd and dvd. We are looking for OPD Ink for our work. How to make pricing. I am waiting for information.
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Axxxxx
Sunflower oil
We need sunflower oil for my company. What are the average prices and the shipping terms ı would like to receive.
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Zxxxxx
Chocolate Cake
We are a wholesale business distributing wide range of FMCG in Palestine. I want to get information about products like chocolate cake.
Effective Date: 6/7/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Steel Barrel
We have to buy barrels in certain dimensions. I'm expecting a quote for these sizes.
Effective Date: 6/6/2020Company: Nxxxxx
White Textured Knitted Cardigan Men
Especially white colored men's cardigans i want to get information about. Waiting for price information for different models.
Effective Date: 6/6/2020Company: Rxxxxx
Protan stains and adhesive remover
I have a company in Armenia and we are looking for protan stains and adhesive remover. I would like to inquire about products, prices and other details. Thanks
Effective Date: 6/6/2020Company: Rxxxxx
Polyurethane Foam
I have a company in Armenia and we are looking for polyurethane foam. I want to receive information about products, prices and other details. Thank you.
Effective Date: 3/11/2020Company: Rxxxxx
I have a company in Armenia and we are looking for silicon. I want to receive information about products, prices and other details. Thank you.
Effective Date: 3/28/2020Company: Rxxxxx
Frozen Fsh and Poultry Meat Products
We are importers and distributors of all types of frozen fish - mackerel, yellow croaker, bonito, skipjack tuna, pollock, including poultry meat, canned sardine, rice, pastas, milk, canned tomato paste 28/30% Brix, and so on.
Quantities Required: 100000 Karton Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Vxxxxx
Filling and Packing Machine
Looking for packaging and filling machine for use in my business. It must be suitable for packaging products such as cereals. I would appreciate if you inform us what is the export price to Syria.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Exxxxx
Women Dress
We will buy clothes for daily use. We also do wholesale and retail sales in our store. First of all, we expect price information from manufacturers.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Nxxxxx
Caravans Mobile Homes
The headquarters of our company is in Baghdad. How to price mobile caravans to export to Iraq.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Jxxxxx
Sports shoes
I want to buy sports shoes in different numbers. I prefer to buy directly from the manufacturer. I would like to receive information on minimum order quantity and prices.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Nxxxxx
Men T-Shirts
For my store I would like to get men's t-shirts in different sizes. I waiting for your help on price.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Gxxxxx
Boy's Shirts
I will buy men's shirts in different colors for different age groups. I would like to know what your price range is for the bulk purchase.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Nxxxxx
I'll buy tracksuit in different colors and models. Waiting for price information for bulk purchase.
Effective Date: 6/5/2020Company: Bxxxxx