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 20 kV Transformer Insulation Resistance Tester
I am interested in buying transformer from a reliable source.Please i want a good quality transformer and with good price.Thank you.You can contact me via email (info@ wijnatrading.com)
Quantities Required: 150 Birim Effective Date: 6/15/2019Company: Lxxxxx
Aluminum Light Solar Systems
i want to want aluminum solar light system.I want a good price and sellable quality to introduce to my customers.Pleas contact me via email(info@ wijnatrading.com)
Quantities Required: 600 Adet Effective Date: 6/15/2019Company: Lxxxxx
 Oil and Natural Gas Pipes
I am looking for exporters of oil and gas pipe.Please hope you will be able to supply it in large quantity and for good price.Please get back to me with your terms for payment. email me at(info@ wijnatrading.com)
Quantities Required: 800 Adet Effective Date: 6/15/2019Company: Lxxxxx
 Curtain Fabric
i am interested in buying curtain fabric from any reliable company that will sale at a good price.contact me at(info@ wijnatrading.com)
Quantities Required: 4000 Düzine Effective Date: 6/15/2019Company: Lxxxxx
Panel Door
I'm gonna get a door for home projects. What is the price range for models with and without glazing? Specify the price for different tree types.
Effective Date: 6/14/2019Company: وxxxxx
Masking Tape
I'll take a masking tape to use in paint jobs. What is the price range for bands of different thicknesses
Effective Date: 6/14/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Men's Slippers
I'll take men's slippers on different numbers and models. Looking for minimum order quantity and price range. Thanks.
Effective Date: 6/14/2020Company: Pxxxxx
Multi Bonded Airlaid (MBAL) Nonwoven Fabric
I am waiting for the price range for the product in different colors and widths.
Effective Date: 6/14/2020Company: Sxxxxx
Iron Bending Machine
Looking for iron bending machine to use in my factory. I'm wait from you information about price and shipping.
Effective Date: 6/14/2020Company: Uxxxxx
I am Mohamed and i am from Egypt. I need all details about Airbag craft type size 100 cm x 180 cm ( 4000 pcs ). Waiting your urgent reply and telephone contact .
Quantities Required: 4000 Adet Effective Date: 6/14/2020Company: Kxxxxx
Machine Max production capacity 60-100 pc /m machine weight 200 kg single phase if possible and work in generator voltage 220v Full automatic including after sales service
Quantities Required: 1 Paket Effective Date: 6/13/2019Company: Lxxxxx
Plenty of salted roasted sunflower seeds
We would like to get the kernel to sell to our company in France. Can be packed in different sizes. Especially, I am expecting a price offer from the manufacturer companies.
Effective Date: 6/13/2020Company: Exxxxx
Boiled Beans
I'll buy canned beans etc products. I'm expecting a price offer from companies that send to Israel.
Effective Date: 3/13/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Compact Sliding Line
My company is intrested in Compact Sliding Line . We will be ordering 100 pieces. What is your price offer?
Quantities Required: 100 Adet Effective Date: 6/13/2020Company: Oxxxxx
Marine Type Transformers (Off-shore Applications)
My company is intrested in Marine Type Transformer. We will be ordering 50 pieces. I wait your help.
Quantities Required: 50 Adet Effective Date: 6/13/2020Company: Oxxxxx
Underwear Set
I would like to buy men's underwear sets in different sizes. Can you inform us about your wholesale prices?
Effective Date: 6/12/2020Company: Hxxxxx
Iron Sheet
I live in Brunei. I have a company and i will buy iron sheet for this company. I wait you help about products and price.
Effective Date: 6/12/2020Company: Oxxxxx
stainless steel handles for shower cabinets
stainless steel handles for shower cabinets 20 cm
Quantities Required: 15000 Birim Effective Date: 6/12/2019Company: Kxxxxx
Split unit
We need split cooling units for our company. What are the average prices you can give? I'm waiting for your help.
Effective Date: 3/12/2020Company: Exxxxx
Women Bag
I'm going to buy bags of different sizes. I'm waiting for the information about the terms of the buy.
Effective Date: 3/12/2020Company: Mxxxxx