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Knitted Fabric
Please contact us for detailed information.
Effective Date: 7/17/2019Company: Dxxxxx
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Leather for furniture
We want to get information about the cost of payment, payment method and delivery time for the furniture leather. Please contact mail.
Effective Date: 8/9/2019Company: Axxxxx
Patent Leather
We would like to know about the cost of payment for the patent product, the payment method and the delivery time. Please contact mail.
Effective Date: 8/9/2019Company: Axxxxx
Suede Leather
We would like to inquire about the cost of payment for the Suede leather product, payment method and delivery time. Please contact mail.
Effective Date: 8/9/2019Company: Axxxxx
Short sleeve T-shirt
I want to buy a short sleeve t-shirt in various colors and patterns.
Effective Date: 10/3/2019Company: Oxxxxx
Hand Knitting Yarn
I'm looking for a yarn factory that produces similar products to the Plymouth Yarn brand. This brand is very expensive. 50% Acrylic Microfiber and 50% Nylon yarns i want to buy cheaper than manufacturer.You can see the link for the products.
Effective Date: 7/16/2020Company: Lxxxxx
Artificial Leather for Shoes
I want to buy women's shoes with bow. Please send information about minimum shipping quantity and price.
Effective Date: 7/15/2020Company: Txxxxx
Prayer Rug
I would like to buy prayer rugs. Please contact to me.
Effective Date: 4/10/2020Company: Axxxxx
Child sleep set
I'll buy a sleep set for boys and girls. What is the minimum order quantity at wholesale purchase? I will be happy if you give me information.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Yxxxxx
Cotton satin jacquard duvet
I'm gonna get a duvet cover. Waiting for the price offer for satin, lacy and jacquard models.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Yxxxxx
Color Towels
We will take hand, face and bath towels in different colors. Please provide information about 100% cotton products.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Yxxxxx
I wait to catalog and price quotes from companies exporting carpet and carpet covers. Thanks for you help.
Effective Date: 6/22/2020Company: Ixxxxx
Satin Duvet Sets
I'm gonna buy a satin linens sets. It can be lacy and jacquard. I would like you to send me a catalog and specify a price range.
Effective Date: 6/22/2019Company: Lxxxxx
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Natural Synthetic sheets
Hi this is Ehab from Egypt. Can you send me catalog and price list?
Effective Date: 6/21/2020Company: Ixxxxx
 Curtain Fabric
i am interested in buying curtain fabric from any reliable company that will sale at a good price.contact me at(info@ wijnatrading.com)
Quantities Required: 4000 Düzine Effective Date: 6/15/2019Company: Lxxxxx
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Multi Bonded Airlaid (MBAL) Nonwoven Fabric
I am waiting for the price range for the product in different colors and widths.
Effective Date: 6/14/2020Company: Sxxxxx
Furniture Leather
We need different skin colors to cover the furniture. First of all we will take 4000 meters and increase the order according to satisfaction. What is the price per meter?
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Kxxxxx
I need five of them 120x250 cm. How much will it cost?
Quantities Required: 5 Adet Effective Date: 12/23/2019Company: Hxxxxx
Women's Dresses
I want to see the different kinds of dresses you have. Which fabrics are available and how much are the prices?
Effective Date: 12/21/2019Company: Axxxxx
I would like to learn prices for tablecloths. What kind of designs do you have, what sizes are available, what is the minimum order quantity?
Effective Date: 12/26/2019Company: Mxxxxx