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Aluminum ingots
We will buy aluminum ingots. Please provide information about price and minimum order quantity.
Effective Date: 7/5/2020Company: Pxxxxx
Zinc Ingots
We will get the zinc ingots to be used in galvanizing. I hope you send me information about the product price. Good day.
Effective Date: 7/5/2020Company: Pxxxxx
Iron Sheet
I live in Brunei. I have a company and i will buy iron sheet for this company. I wait you help about products and price.
Effective Date: 6/12/2020Company: Oxxxxx
Roller Blinds
We are looking for manufacturers who will supply the curtain to our company. Please specify the minimum order quantity.
Effective Date: 6/11/2020Company: Exxxxx
Plated Steel Wire Rope
PLZ, give me your best price USD/1 ,m for steel wire rope DIN 3059-6*19+FE - d=16.5 mm
Quantities Required: 9000 Metre Effective Date: 5/28/2019Company: Oxxxxx
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Annealed Fence Wire
I want to informations about Annealed Fence Wire. Price, delivery etc. Thank you for your help.
Effective Date: 5/19/2020Company: Exxxxx
Pvc coated wire
I want to buy PVC Coated Wire. Could you help me?
Effective Date: 5/19/2020Company: Exxxxx
Metal Products (Iron / Steel)
I would like to inquire about different metal products such as ; square / rectangular / round profiles, iron angles, wrought iron, lama iron, steel sheets. Please inform me on order quantities, product features and prices. Thanks.
Effective Date: 12/9/2019Company: وxxxxx
Klingrit Sheet For Gasket Manufacturing
I am Marwan from Morocco and I would like to work together with manufacturers from Turkey for a new business I will start in my country. Awaiting your replies.
Effective Date: 12/7/2019Company: Mxxxxx
Copper For Electrical Cables
I am looking for copper to use in electrical cables. It can be in the form of strip or sheet. What is the minimum order quantity and how are the prices?
Effective Date: 12/19/2019Company: Axxxxx
Weldless System Steel Warehouse
Good day, New construction company from Tbilisi Georgia looking for a standard module system for warehouse. You can find the details below.
Effective Date: 12/12/2019Company: Mxxxxx
Bed Spring Wire
I would like to learn bed spring wire prices for our bed factory in Kazakhistan. Quantity is one 20' container.
Effective Date: 12/6/2019Company: Rxxxxx
Ribbed Rebar
I would like to have tonnage CIF delivery Johor Bahru / Malaysia prices. I will decide on a quantity after evaluation of prices.
Effective Date: 12/4/2019Company: ixxxxx
Wire Rod
I would like to purchase wire rod for a 2 year contract I will undertake. Please get back to me for quotation and description list. Thanks, regards.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Dxxxxx
Steel Rope
I would like to purchase the services of your company for a 2 year contract I will undertake. Please get back to me for quotation and description list. Thanks, regards.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Dxxxxx
Galvanized Wire
I am interested in steel products. I want to buy galvanized wire. I plan on making a container based purchase. Please inform me on product details and prices. İnformation on delivery terms and payment methods would be good too.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Bxxxxx
Tempered Steel
I am interested in steel products, wires, sheets, pipes and such. I would like to buy tempered steel from your country. I am thinking about making a container based purchase. So please inform me about products and prices.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Bxxxxx
Metal Parts
We are a Czech company offering varios products to German companies. Now, we are looking for companies who manufacture sheet metalparts.
Effective Date: 11/26/2019Company: Fxxxxx
Ship Plates
I want to inquire about ship plates. What is the price for exportation to Bulgaria? In which sizes the product is available and how is the delivery carried out? Regards.
Effective Date: 12/26/2019Company: Kxxxxx
Cold Drawn Steel Pipes
We would like to purchase cold drawn seamless steel pipes. You can find the details of our order below.
Effective Date: 12/12/2019Company: Gxxxxx