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6-piece bird cage
I want to information 6 or 8 piece bird cage. Please write me about price.
Effective Date: 4/16/2020Company: Dxxxxx
We are a company based on Kosovo. We would like buy chocolate. We will wait for you send information. Have a nice day.
Effective Date: 4/8/2020Company: Xxxxxx
Aluminum Table and Chair Set
I live in North Cyprus. I will buy tables and chairs made of aluminum material for use in the garden. I expect price and product information from companies that can send products to North Cyprus. I wish you good work.
Effective Date: 7/4/2020Company: Fxxxxx
Steel Pressure Cooker
I am looking for a 10 liter pressure cooker as above. Can it be shipped to South Africa?
Effective Date: 6/21/2020Company: Pxxxxx
 Dex Dishwashing Liquid 750 Ml.
750ml dishwashing liquid My target price is usd0,25 per unit fob
Quantities Required: 1 Yirmi-Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 6/17/2019Company: Rxxxxx
Roxy Hand Washing Powder Soap - Rose Garden
Bulk pack 10kg and 20kg washing powder: detergent
Quantities Required: 1 Kırk Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 6/16/2020Company: Exxxxx
Whiskey Glassware
I want to buy a whiskey cup. I like crystal-looking products. I have a message on the price. Thanks.
Effective Date: 6/4/2020Company: Axxxxx
Steel Cookware Set
I want to learn the price of steel cookware sets. What is the minimum order quantity and how is the delivery handled?
Effective Date: 12/30/2019Company: Sxxxxx
Pomegranate Press
I want to learn the price of a pomegranate press please.
Effective Date: 12/25/2019Company: Cxxxxx
Metal-legged Table
I would like to learn the price of low, round dining tables.
Effective Date: 4/22/2019Company: Exxxxx
Low Round Kitchen Table
I am looking for a kitchen table, a metal legged and low one if possible. Inform me on prices and stock status.
Effective Date: 12/21/2019Company: Hxxxxx
Glass Bowls / Tableware
I am interested in glass tableware mainly bowls. I would like to know more about product range and prices. Please get in contact with me regarding the matter.
Effective Date: 12/13/2019Company: Sxxxxx
Kitchen Towel
I would like to get quotations for kitchen towels please. They will be sent to Algeria, please include transportation fees as well.
Effective Date: 12/10/2019Company: Dxxxxx
TV Stand
I would like to get information about TV units, their materials, different designs and prices. Please get in contact with me regarding the matter.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Hxxxxx
Coffee Table
I would like to get prices for different types of coffee tables. Please share product features and price lists with me. Regards.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Axxxxx
Decorative Mirror
I am browsing through decorative mirrors. I would like to be informed on different designs, their materials and prices. Waiting for your feedback. Thanks, regards.
Effective Date: 12/28/2019Company: Axxxxx
Dinner Set
I would like to purchase dinner sets. In how many pieces are they available, how is the material quality and prices? How will the delivery be done? Please inform me on necessary details. Regards.
Effective Date: 12/26/2019Company: Kxxxxx
Plastic Food Container With Hinged Lid
I would like to inquire about plastic food containers. What are the prices, minimum order quantity, delivery terms, payment details?
Effective Date: 12/26/2019Company: Mxxxxx
Bed Sheet / Bedding
I would like to purchase bedding sets, bed sheets and such. I want to see catalogues, get information about products, pricing and delivery terms if possible. Thanks.
Effective Date: 12/26/2019Company: Mxxxxx
Fruit Juicer (Household Type)
I would like to learn prices for home type fruit juicer please. How can I make a purchase and what are the delivery terms?
Effective Date: 12/23/2019Company: Mxxxxx