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Sorting and sizing of fruits and vegetables
hi, we need a complete line of Sorting and sizing of fruits and vegetables. The project will be from transportation by conveyors, washing, sizing and to packaging.
Quantities Required: 1 Birim Effective Date: 7/22/2019Company: Sxxxxx
We want to buy apples. We need the following specifications in 18 kgs per a carton, sizes 175-175counts. Confirm and submit your detailed quotations based on CFR Cotonou sea port-Republic of Benin.
Effective Date: 7/22/2019Company: Oxxxxx
fruit collection box
25 kg fruit collection box
Quantities Required: 10000 Adet Effective Date: 7/26/2019Company: Vxxxxx
Chick Cage
I'm gonna get a chick cage. Can you export to Somalia? I want information.
Effective Date: 4/25/2020Company: Kxxxxx
Pellet cooler
I want to buy a pellet cooler. I am waiting for information about the product technical information and price scale.
Effective Date: 4/18/2020Company: Bxxxxx
Molasses Machine
I want to get the melas mixing machine. I am waiting for information about the product technical information and price scale.
Effective Date: 4/18/2020Company: Bxxxxx
Chick Growth Cage
I want to information about chick growth cage. Would you send to Germany? I'm curious about the prices and want to details about product. I hope you write me messasge
Effective Date: 4/16/2020Company: Dxxxxx
Black tea
Our company, located in Sili, has a Turkish public demand. Can we get product and price information? Is there a company you work with in Sili? I'd appreciate it if you wrote a message. Yours truly
Effective Date: 7/10/2020Company: Bxxxxx
Sunflower Oil
May I know the price of sunflower oil per liter bottle, per 5 liters bottle and per ton. Thanks for your help.
Quantities Required: 1 Ton Effective Date: 4/10/2020Company: Mxxxxx
We Buy Frozen Fish and Poultry Meat Products
We want to import frozen fish - mackerel, bonito, yellow croaker, tuna and frozen whole hen and quarter leg meat products
Effective Date: 3/25/2020Company: Vxxxxx
hk 35 mycelium
hk 35 micellar will be taken
Quantities Required: 20 Kilogram Effective Date: 5/20/2019Company: Axxxxx
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Broiler chick
In order to be grown regularly in Turkmenistan, broiler chicks will be purchased. In the first stage, 20,000 2 days old broiler chick will be taken and there will be periodic purchases. I would like to ask you to quote.
Quantities Required: 20000 Adet Effective Date: 2/28/2019Company: Sxxxxx
Süresi dolmuştur gerektiğinde değerlendirilmek üzere teklif verebilirsiniz
Milk Feed
How is the packaging and delivery done? How much is the price?
Effective Date: 12/25/2019Company: Mxxxxx
I would like to inquire about buying an incubator. Awaiting general product and pricing information.
Effective Date: 12/21/2019Company: Hxxxxx
Oat Flour
I would like to know if you produce oat flour and what are the delivery terms? How is the pricing handled and do you have export operations?
Effective Date: 12/27/2019Company: Axxxxx
Rolled Oats
I would like to inquire about rolled oats. How is the product quality and how do the prices differ?
Effective Date: 12/27/2019Company: Axxxxx
I am looking for flour for bakery products. Please inform me on products, prices, delivery terms and payment details. Regards.
Effective Date: 12/27/2019Company: Axxxxx
Greetings from Lagos. I would like to purchase rice from Turkey. What kind of products do you have and what are the features? How is the packaging done and what are the purchase terms? Thanks
Effective Date: 12/27/2019Company: Bxxxxx
Brown Coarse Bulgur
Greetings. We are a chain of restaurants and would like to buy brown bulgur. We would also like to see a full range of products. Please inform us on prices, export operations, etc. We would like to use this product in our restaurants. Regards.
Effective Date: 12/26/2019Company: Mxxxxx
Blue Poppy Seed
I would like to import blue poppy seeds from Turkey to Macedonia. Do you have 50.000 - 100.000 kilograms in your stock and what will the price be? Thanks, regards.
Effective Date: 12/16/2019Company: Zxxxxx