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Elevated work platforms
We would like to buy a removable platform to use in our factory. If you give the product price, we will also clarify the number of orders. Please post a message.
Effective Date: 4/25/2020Company: Zxxxxx
Leather briefcase
I want to get a leather briefcase. If you send me a message I would like to share the details about the product I want.
Effective Date: 4/25/2020Company: Cxxxxx
Chick Cage
I'm gonna get a chick cage. Can you export to Somalia? I want information.
Effective Date: 4/25/2020Company: Kxxxxx
Flip flops
I want to buy flip-flops from the manufacturer and sell it here. Please contact me about minimum order quantity and prices.
Effective Date: 4/25/2020Company: Oxxxxx
I want to take the heater. The height should be adjustable. I'm waiting for your price information.
Effective Date: 4/25/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Pellet cooler
I want to buy a pellet cooler. I am waiting for information about the product technical information and price scale.
Effective Date: 4/18/2020Company: Bxxxxx
Molasses Machine
I want to get the melas mixing machine. I am waiting for information about the product technical information and price scale.
Effective Date: 4/18/2020Company: Bxxxxx
Climbing Type Boom Machine
I want to buy a climbing type boom machine for use in construction work. I'm waiting for your price information.
Effective Date: 4/18/2020Company: Exxxxx
Polishing Machine
I want to buy a polishing machine. I want price information related to the product.
Effective Date: 4/17/2020Company: Axxxxx
Sweat suits for men hot wheels
I wait information about sweat suit hotwheels for boys. What kind of fabric is produced. And how much is it?
Effective Date: 4/17/2020Company: Sxxxxx
Aromatic Powder Beverage
I want to buy powdered drinks with different flavors. Looking forward to your information about the minimum order quantity and prices.
Effective Date: 4/17/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Wedding Suit
I want to buy a black suit. I'm waiting for messages from interested companies.
Effective Date: 7/17/2019Company: Hxxxxx
Hand Knitting Yarn
I'm looking for a yarn factory that produces similar products to the Plymouth Yarn brand. This brand is very expensive. 50% Acrylic Microfiber and 50% Nylon yarns i want to buy cheaper than manufacturer.You can see the link for the products.
Effective Date: 7/16/2020Company: Lxxxxx
Granular Raw Materials
I want to buy the granule raw material used in the production of shoe soles. What is the minimum order quantity and price?
Effective Date: 4/16/2020Company: Mxxxxx
6-piece bird cage
I want to information 6 or 8 piece bird cage. Please write me about price.
Effective Date: 4/16/2020Company: Dxxxxx
Chick Growth Cage
I want to information about chick growth cage. Would you send to Germany? I'm curious about the prices and want to details about product. I hope you write me messasge
Effective Date: 4/16/2020Company: Dxxxxx
Ring Rakor Bolt
Hi, we are a small hydraulic business from Kosovo! We are interested in ring rakor bolt. Would you be able to provide me a quote how much it costs for min 100 box.
Effective Date: 4/16/2020Company: Lxxxxx
Car Wash Shampoo
We'il get a car wash shampoo. Tell me about product content information and pricing.
Effective Date: 7/15/2020Company: Axxxxx
Packaging Waste Paper Card
I can buy pressed packing cartons. If you are selling, please contact me.
Effective Date: 7/15/2020Company: Pxxxxx
Corrugated Board
I want to take corrugated cardboard. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me about the minimum order quantity and prices per ton.
Effective Date: 4/15/2020Company: Pxxxxx