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Printing Ink
Good day, we are one of the trading companies which produces the raw material of big factories in printing (offset ink) and lacquering industry. we want to increase our branches all over the country so we have to increase the quantity of our purcha
Effective Date: 4/22/2020Company: Nxxxxx
White Belt Buckle
Good afternoon! I am interested in this item. Is it available now, which one is it in size? Price for 100 pcs and price for 500 pcs? Do you send to Russia?
Quantities Required: 500 Adet Effective Date: 4/22/2020Company: Оxxxxx
Bus Seat
Please send an offer for supplying seats city class type , we need seats without stand, is there a possibillty to delivery terms are DAP or FCA , and please send if you have a certificate of material self-sufficiency.
Quantities Required: 312 Adet Effective Date: 4/22/2020Company: Dxxxxx
Zinc Alloy, Lead, Polyester Casting Machine
Can you give a price about the product? We would be pleased if you contact us.
Effective Date: 4/22/2020Company: Hxxxxx
Strech Film / Duct Tape
Attention Product information and quantities to be purchased are as indicated, please send us an appropriate price offer.
Effective Date: 4/15/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Emilkote Bitumen Emulsion
We are interested on the above mentioned products and which I request you to send us your full products photo catalog and price quote for our checking.
Effective Date: 4/14/2020Company: Hxxxxx
Airpods Headset
Hi, is it possible to make "airpods" style headphones? Please contact us for further information, thanks
Effective Date: 4/14/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Led Intervention Lamp
To be used in my practice
Quantities Required: 1 Effective Date: 4/12/2020Company: Hxxxxx
Towel and Bathrobe Set
towel bathrobe export please see the catalog on the website https://www.vertinal.com I Contact@Vertinal.co
Quantities Required: 3000 Adet Effective Date: 10/14/2021Company: Öxxxxx
Sugar Bubble Gum
We are a company named Andor in Jordan that is known for selling sweets around the Kingdom of Jordan. We would like to buy sugar gum.
Effective Date: 4/9/2020Company: Axxxxx
Base Oil SN150
Hello, Looking Potentials Manufacture / Trader for Seler: Base Oil SN150 - Packing 1000Lt / Or tanker Container 26000 / Month Base Oil SN500 - Packing 1000Lt / Or tanker Container 26000 / Month Please If Possible signed supply yearly contract B
Quantities Required: 70000 Ton Effective Date: 4/8/2020Company: Axxxxx
dental chair
We are looking for dental sleeves for the company we are connected to.
Effective Date: 4/7/2020Company: Txxxxx
Dental Chairs
We are looking for dental chairs to send to Canada, please contact us for detailed information. Regards,
Effective Date: 4/3/2020Company: Txxxxx
 Laundery hanger
Peace be upon you, my name is Mohamed, resident of Kuwait, I want to import a laundry hanger size 16'.....1.9mm or size 16' ...... 2mm for sale, retail for laundries inside Kuwait, with a minimum of one 40 feet container per month.
Quantities Required: 1 Kırk Ayak Konteyner Effective Date: 4/2/2020Company: مxxxxx
Wet Wipes
Please may you send me a quotation for 100,000 pieces of the 120 sheets box? Thank you
Effective Date: 4/2/2020Company: Jxxxxx
We are waiting for you to send me your price offer if you have any sales group. 7PCS ---> CHROME NICKEL BLASTING NOZZLE MOUTH (90 ° Angle / 30cm mouth width)
Quantities Required: 7 Adet Effective Date: 3/30/2020Company: Öxxxxx
CD Robot Epson PP100 II Device
CD Robot Epson PP100 II device 1 purchase will be made. CD Robot software installation is also required. Quotation for CD Robot device and software is kindly requested.
Quantities Required: 1 Adet Effective Date: 3/27/2020Company: Axxxxx
Cotton Oil
Hello , 2020 - 2021 We want to export cotton oil to European countries. We need the specified quantity and product specifications. We would like to know your approximate price of tons of cotton oil / liter.
Effective Date: 3/26/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Leather Men Messenger Bag
I want to order more than 50 bags like this. Best regard
Effective Date: 3/25/2020Company: Mxxxxx
Toroidal Current Transformers
We're looking for a toroidal transformer. Is it possible to ship to Zambia? The amount may vary.
Effective Date: 3/24/2020Company: Mxxxxx