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Distributor firms for salts mud and creams
I have a Palestinian Factory for the products of dead Sea (Salts, Mud and Creams). My company is ca...
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 6/12/2018End Date: 7/12/2018 Company: Nasser Al-khatib
Make Offer Date Updated: 6/12/2018
Collaboration Request from Algeria
Industrial Projects
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 5/30/2018End Date: 8/30/2018 Company: Sarl CODIN
Make Offer Date Updated: 5/30/2018
baby diapers
ready to be exported
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 4/27/2018End Date: 5/27/2018 Company: Hüseyin Süleyman Ercan
Make Offer Date Updated: 4/27/2018
Real Estate Investment
Cooperation on the supply of real estate investment construction material and consultancy
Quality: Consultancy Starting Date: 4/1/2018End Date: 1/1/2019 Company: Garaj Kuyumculuk Gayrimenkul İnşaat İç ve Dış. Tic. ltd.şt.
Make Offer Date Updated: 4/1/2018
Glass forms
I need to know if there is a gas gun to melt the glass. I'll tell you the exact sequence
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 4/16/2018End Date: 4/16/2020 Company: Fatma Şenol
Make Offer Date Updated: 4/16/2018
Bakery products
Confirming cake shelves
Quality: Production Starting Date: 2/12/2018End Date: 4/25/2018 Company: Mehmet Hulusi Dogan
Make Offer Date Updated: 2/12/2018
sales offer
toilet roll with 2 plies and 3 plies - ready to export
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 4/5/2018End Date: 4/30/2018 Company: A VE Z KURUMSAL HIZMETLER
Make Offer Date Updated: 4/5/2018
Black Sea fish
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 4/4/2018End Date: 4/21/2018 Company: Slava Kuklin
Make Offer Date Updated: 4/4/2018
Introduction to new markets You can reach the world markets by using your company web page, your management pan...
Quality: Consultancy Starting Date: 3/30/2018End Date: 12/31/2018 Company: Globalpiyasa Bilgi Teknolojileri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Make Offer Date Updated: 3/30/2018
Quality: Production Starting Date: 3/1/2018End Date: 12/30/2018 Company: Çizgi Mermer
Make Offer Date Updated: 3/1/2018
Supplying all construction materials
Supply of complete building materials Villa number 50
Quality: Marketing Starting Date: 2/11/2018End Date: 3/4/2018 Company: Mousa Ratebd
Make Offer Date Updated: 2/11/2018
Devler sends you once a year to your overseas business trip .. YOUR INFORMATION.
Quality: Consultancy Starting Date: 1/1/2015End Date: 12/31/2020 Company: Hacer Yavşan
Make Offer Date Updated: 1/1/2015
Kosgeb, TKDK, Development agency, TMGD, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Tomorrow ... etc ...
Quality: Consultancy Starting Date: 1/1/2015End Date: 12/31/2020 Company: Hacer Yavşan
Make Offer Date Updated: 1/1/2015
Looking for a supplier for Menswear
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 1/9/2018End Date: 4/30/2018 Company: Bilal Khan
Make Offer Date Updated: 1/9/2018
Turkish surplus clothes leather products.
I am about to launch my personal e-commerce website soon. I am interested in buying Tur...
Quality: Marketing Starting Date: 12/28/2017End Date: 3/31/2018 Company: Sell N Buy Co.,
Make Offer Date Updated: 12/28/2017
We can supply cocoa and coconut for you.
My product is coconut semi husked.We can export 10-20 container 40 feet per month. Beside coconut w...
Quality: Marketing Starting Date: 12/22/2017End Date: 3/31/2018 Company: Dhupit Andiiarto
Make Offer Date Updated: 12/22/2017
Looking for a supplier for Menswear
Dear Sir / Madame. I am looking for a new supplier for our Menswear Spring18. Kindly contact me on ...
Quality: Marketing Starting Date: 12/14/2017End Date: 3/31/2018 Company: Holme Trading
Make Offer Date Updated: 12/14/2017
Investor Seeks for Honey Spice Mixture
It is a purely natural mixture of chemistry and nothing but natural resources. It helps the lungs ...
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 12/12/2017End Date: 12/31/2017 Company: Mucizevi Nefes
Make Offer Date Updated: 12/12/2017
Proposal of cooperation for household appliances, industrial equipments, furniture, clothing, construction equipments.
We operate with all kinds of products such as household appliances, industrial equipments, furnitur...
Quality: Academic Starting Date: 12/11/2017End Date: 3/31/2018 Company: MEGASAVE SUPERMARKETS LIMITED
Make Offer Date Updated: 12/11/2017
Make a handbag for our logo
What! I have a Polish brand of leather clothes. We are preparing for big order when 2018 start. Can...
Quality: Production Starting Date: 12/7/2017End Date: 2/28/2018 Company: Labran Kamil Doroszko
Make Offer Date Updated: 12/7/2017